Benefits and advantages of Andrew: from proteomics to molecular biology, from aliquotting to cherry picking, from magnetic beads separation to normalization.

Reproducible Serial Dilutions

Performing serial dilutions of drugs, nucleic acids or cells? from simple Bradford assays to complex toxicity dose testing, Andrew increases their reproducibility and accuracy up to 10 times while freeing yourself from calculation mistakes.

Simple and efficient aliquotting

Easily automate aliquotting tasks with your own standard consumables while reducing your hands-on time by 10 times. With Andrew on your bench, aliquotting for biobanking, reagent stocking or sample preparation for diagnostic purposes has never been so flexible and affordable.

Concentration Normalization

Andrew and the unique normalization wizard of our free software, Andrew Lab, help you achieve fast protocol design and completely error-free sample normalization in a variety of applications, ranging from NGS library preparation to QC of antibody production.

the andrew robot

Flexible and reproducible repetitive dispensing

By using the very same mechanical pipettes deployed in any other standard pipetting activity, Andrew can automatically dispense equal volumes with robust reproducibility, and the best of all, into any type of consumable.
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Sample Preparation for Real-Time Quantitative PCR

No more stress when preparing the most sensitive assay in molecular biology: with Andrew, excellent accuracy and precision of your data will be guaranteed, all without the tedious manual pipetting.

BeadTender technology for magnetic beads separation.

In-tip processing of magnetic beads: reproducible, contamination-free, consumable and volume independent. With unprecedented efficiency and purity.

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Quick Start Guide to Andrew Lab

Traceability and proper documentation of experiments are critical for scientists, especially in GxP environments. Ensure the highest standards in QC with our extremely intuitive, reliable and free software for protocol design, Andrew Lab.

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Pipetting Ergonomics

Liquid handling automation completely removes the risk of repetitive stress injuries linked to pipetting in the lab. Andrew provides the most cost-effective and flexible solution for this common activity. And you will not have to give up your highest performing pipettes and consumables.