Biology protocol design made easy, free download!

Biology protocols get easy with Andrew Assistant 2014, the free software to design, verify, and document any biology protocol that requires quantitative liquid handling.

Andrew Assistant ™ is a generic program that allows the design of manual pipetting protocols by dragging on a computer screen virtual pipettes among virtual consumables.

Andrew Assistant ™ allows you to specify all pipetting actions, unambiguously, including other specific operations such as incubations and special user interventions.It verifies actual liquid compositions at any step, in any well.

It also computes the correct dilution factors for achieving precise reagent concentrations, and enables the creation of complete serial dilutions and complex combinations of reagents with replicates in a few clicks. So, the tricky calculations required to dilute a 3M reagent into a 25uM concentration are not necessary anymore since Andrew Assistant will calculate the right dilution factors for you. This features removes the risk of mistakes that will unavoidably be difficult to detect: biology protocols are already a complex operation, there’s no need of introducing additional uncertainties.

Andrew Assistant imports cherry-picking lists from any other programs or files, like Excel or your LIMS system. And it also determines the initial required amounts of any stock solutions involved, automatically, depending on the amounts you eventually use.

Once a biology protocol has been described and validated, it can be saved, mailed, and/or printed, for use as a guideline for manual pipetting at the bench. Or it can be executed in a guaranteed, flawless, and reliable manner by any available Andrew ™, the novel, manual pipetting robot, also developed by Andrew Alliance. Designed specifically for biologists and not for software engineers, Andrew Assistant ™ is simpler to use than any other software available today (at any price). And you can have Andrew Assistant at no cost, following a simple and free registration with Andrew Alliance.

So, do not hesitate to download it by clicking below, and install it on whichever computer you have, whether at home, in the lab, or in the office. And let us know your biology protocols wishes and needs – so that we may improve it further.