Sustainable advanced tech for life sciences: Connectivity

the Andrew+ pipetting robot uses conventional pipettes and is an Internet of Things device for the lab

Andrew Alliance was created in March 2011. The Andrew Pipetting Robot was successfully launched in 2013, and is now in its second generation, called Andrew+. It offers fully automated pipetting, as well as more complex manipulations, using a wide range of accessories and Andrew Alliance electronic pipettes. It executes protocols in Andrew Alliance’s OneLab intelligent cloud-based software environment, within which experiments can be intuitively designed, repeatably executed, and tracked through a rapidly evolving ecosystem of connected devices and accessories that the company is building together with partner organisations.

Pipettes of the Future: Automation for Acceleration

Connectivity and robotics reaches Lab 4.0 in the real world: OneLab

The successful development of current life­saving therapeutics often starts with the identification of new drug targets using sophisticated instrumentation, bioinformatics, and highly valuable human tissue samples. Hypotheses are rigorously tested, experimental conditions tightly controlled, and increasingly complex data sets meticulously analyzed. This vital step in the research discovery process is critically dependent on the consistent and precise preparation, and handling, of these samples, together with often costly reagents.