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Laboratories collect, process and store large amounts of samples every day.

Automated sample preparation minimizes errors and inaccuracies, and avoids boring, repetitive, manual manipulations that can’t be traced.

The flexible Andrew robot can rapidly switch among many repetitive daily tasks, and immediately provides you with the needed result by simply changing Dominos and several clicks on the protocol.

Inputting data into a robot is time-consuming, while importing data from your excel or lims with AndrewLab is fast and easy.

Andrew’s typical applications in sample management can be aliquoting of tubes into hundreds of microtubes, cherry-picking over a multiplicity of microplates, or pooling of samples into one, concentration normalization in microplates and tubes.

With the Andrew system, every sample becomes traceable and manageable.

Simple and Efficient Aliquotting

The aliquotting scenarios The term “aliquot” has different meanings in different fields: in biology and chemistry, it refers to a smaller fraction of a whole sample. In most cases, only these fractions are needed for an experiment, hence aliquotting must [...]

Quick Start Guide to Andrew Lab

Traceability and proper documentation of experiments are critical for scientists, especially in GxP environments. Ensure the highest standards in QC with our extremely intuitive, reliable and free software for protocol design, Andrew Lab.

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Reproducible Serial Dilutions

Serial dilutions enable to produce samples with known concentration Changing the concentration of samples, reagents and buffers is a daily reality in science. When the needed reduction in concentration is large, it is much more accurate to make several smaller [...]