As of 1 October, 2020,
the Andrew Pipetting Robot
is taking a well earned retirement!

is retiring

Still supporting customers

Andrew Alliance will continue to provide full support to all users of the Andrew range of pipetting robots until September 2025, and partial support from then to September 2027.

Have no fear, from the moment that Andrew won a New Product Innovation Award at SLAS 2013 in Washington D.C., we have engaged closely with our customers worldwide to create the ideal successor.

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New pipetting robot available

Launched in Feb 2019, the award-winning Andrew+ pipetting robot is the answer to all your requests. Multichannel pipetting, versatile workspace with more ontologies, labware manipulation, remote set-up and operation through our new OneLab cloud-native software.. the list goes on.

As part of Waters Corp, we continue to innovate and build on this fantastic product range, making our vision of ‘the connected lab’ a reality for all life science workflows, from LC/MS to Next Gen Sequencing and qPCR!

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