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Tube & column gripper

Tool for Andrew+

Andrew Alliance continues to add connected tools that are used in the ‘tool stand’ on the Andrew+ liquid handling robot.  These tools are used to move labware from one Domino in its workspace, to another, providing greater adaptability to a wider range of workflows. Currently, a column/tube gripper and microplate gripper are used for the rapid and easy transfer of centrifuge tubes and microplates, respectively.

  • Part of the expanding range of available connected tools for the Andrew+
  • Fully integrated with OneLab
  • Automatically identified and paired with Andrew+
  • Does not require any training
  • Column gripper is designed to enable the automation of the Macherey-Nagel NucleoBond® Xtra Midi Kit
  • Microplate gripper can move ANSI SLAS standard microplates between Dominos and connected devices
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