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Increase your reproducibility, traceability, efficiency, and more by automating your sample prep workflows with the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot!

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Whether you are just starting to explore your automation options, looking to upgrade your existing equipment, or interested in optimizing your investment options, Waters is here to help.

Using information specific to your laboratory, our simple to use Automation ROI Tool calculates your return on investment by adding automation to your everyday workflows.

Automating your workflows using the Waters Andrew+ Pipetting Robot allows you to minimize pipetting errors and repetitive strain injury, while increasing your productivity and confidence in your analytical results!

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How many hours per day do you or your team spend pipetting? 0 4
How many days per week do you or your team spend pipetting? 0 3
How many people (including yourself) in your team perform pipetting?
For every 10, how many sample prep procedures do you need to repeat due to pipetting errors? 0 2
What is the average hourly pay rate for you or your team? $
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Total productive hours gained per year**


Total labour cost saving per year**


Months took to recover costs of robot**

13.07 Months

** This ROI (Return on Investment) calculator is a tool designed to provide estimates based on the inputs provided. The calculated values provided may not account for all factors that impact return on investment and should not be considered as a guarantee of actual returns. This ROI calculator is intended for informational purposes only. For more detailed information, please contact us or request a quote.

Andrew+ pipetting robot

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