The pipetting robot that uses conventional

The pipetting robot that uses conventional

electronic pipettes.

electronic pipettes.

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Easy laboratory automation

the Andrew+ liquid handling robot is based upon 5 years of market feedback from many hundreds of users, and builds on the success of the Andrew Pipetting Robot. It can now do even more than automate pipetting, through an expanding range of Andrew+ accessories.

Andrew+ is part of the OneLab ecosystem, executing laboratory protocols designed in OneLab.  This flexible architecture enables you to effortlessly transition from laborious manual pipetting procedures to error-free, fully-robotized lab workflows – without any knowledge of programming, laboratory robotics or automation engineering.

Controlled by OneLab

Reproducibility and full traceability of biological experiments is assured using a highly intuitive browser-based software environment. OneLab enables scientists to graphically design their own pipetting protocols in minutes and execute them straight away in any laboratory in the world, even allowing the remote monitoring of ongoing experiments.

Single and multi-channel pipetting

the Andrew+ liquid handler uses single & multichannel electronic pipettes, ensuring the best liquid handling performance and maximum flexibility. The Andrew Alliance smart electronic pipettes are manufactured by Sartorius, based upon their acclaimed Picus range, the industry gold standard from the inventors of the electronic pipette.

Any Andrew Alliance pipette can be used by the Andrew+ pipetting robot, allowing greater flexibility in thetype of liquid handling experiments that can be run,guaranteeing superior experiment reproducibility, pipetting speed and a market leading dynamic range of dispensing volumes for a liquid handing robot –from 0.2 µL up to 10 mL.

Andrew+ is compact

The liquid handling robot has been designed to fit the majority of laboratory benches and biosafety cabinet (BSC). Andrew+, even with 2 full rows of Dominos (allowing to use 7 microplates or 56 falcon tubes or 168 microtubes) occupies a depth of ~60cm/24”, that fits even the smallest hoods. The unique compact size and design of our liquid handler also allows it to be located in a refrigerator, and work at a temperature of 4°C.

* with at least one connected domino on the edge: 711 mm / 29 in

Flexible working deck and tools for all your needs

In addition to pipetting liquids, the Andrew+ liquid handler can perform a wide range of complex experimental steps such as column grabbing. The use of different laboratory tools by the Andrew+ liquid handling robot is further supported by an ever-expanding range of Dominos: a modular solution that enables Andrew+ to use a broad range of consumables.

More reasons to adopt Andrew+

Andrew+ liquid handling robot

The pipetting robot using conventional electronic pipettes, allowing any scientist to move to automation without any robotics or engineering knowledge.

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