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Setting Up and Executing Liquid Handling Protocols Remotely

Online Event – Wednesday, 27th May.
09:00 Pacific Daylight Time

COVID-19 is requiring us to work differently. Research teams have had to work virtually whilst accelerating the delivery of life saving diagnostics and therapeutics.

Join Ted Tisch, James Broughton and Carley Hendriks, to learn how Mammoth Biosciences, a leading developer of diagnostics and research tools using CRISPR Gene Editing technology, is using the Andrew+ liquid handling robot, and OneLab cloud-native software to develop an innovative, new diagnostic for the detection of COVID-19.

Taking advantage of Andrew Alliance’s cloud-native OneLab software, Mammoth have been able to design their protocols from a home office, then execute those protocols remotely on an Andrew+ liquid handling robot, in order to conduct critical assay optimization studies.

Andrew Alliance is a leading, Swiss-based, vendor of a new class of high-performance, easy- to-use laboratory automation solutions that dramatically improve the repeatability, performance and speed of liquid handling.

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