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Automating the Valita™TITER IgG Assay with the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot

The measurement of IgG production is a crucial step at many stages in the development and manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies. Current workflows for IgG/Fc region quantification – including HPLC and ELISA have a number of drawbacks, such as high costs, labour-intensive methods and long analysis times.

Valita™TITER & TITER Plus Fluorescent Polarization assays are a range of rapid, high-throughput, automation-friendly assays that can quantify IgG antibody titer across a wide dynamic range covering 2.5 – 2000 mg/L

Join Dr Hannah Byrne, Head of Science at Valitacell, to learn more about the automation of the Valita™TITER assay using the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot, ensuring excellent reproducibility.

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