The Andrew Alliance ecosystem of connected devices provides scientists with innovative solutions for a wide range of biology applications.

From molecular biology to cell biology, from protein research to food analysis, Andrew is dedicated to tailoring a solution for each customer application.

We collected feedback from hundreds of customers and sorted application notes according to their needs.

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Flexible and Reproducible Repetitive Dispensing

Repetitive pipetting: the common practice and well known problems As one of the most common daily activities in life-science laboratories, pipetting consumes a major part of a scientist or technician’s working day. In a typical workflow, samples, reagents, and solutions [...]

  • Hand pipetting pain

Pipetting Ergonomics: risks and solutions

The reign of the manual pipette Ergonomics has revolutionized the way we all think about workstation design. Working with an understanding of ergonomics enables millions to work all day, every day without undue pain or strain. The success in adapting [...]

What Customers Say About Andrew

Pharmaceutical Company, Missouri USA

...I was speaking with a  few colleagues in another line about their experiences with the Andrew Alliance, and they had nothing but positive things to say...

Senior Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company, Missouri, USA

Life science company, Boston USA

I had the immense pleasure of working with your engineer, as a project manager who interfaces with hundreds of vendors, he embodies exactly what I seek and sets a great example that I even wish my company’s engineers would emulate.

Project Manager, Life Science Company, Boston USA

Pharmaceutical Company, USA

We ran the samples and everything looked great: staining was excellent and FMO controls had all appropriate channels “blanked” as expected!

Scientist Translational Molecular Biomarkers, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Biotech Company, Germany

It was hard to find any critical feedback, our technical staff loves to work with Andrew.

Head of Research, Biotech, Germany

Academic Institution, France

We use Andrew for training students towards automation. If students have to learn pipetting, today they also need to know how to use a liquid handling robot.

Professor, Academic Institution, France

Genomics, Switzerland

We aliquot expensive custom primers with a precise volumetric map for our NGS libraries, and Andrew does the same job of our liquid handling robot (but it costs 10X less).

Laboratory Director, Molecular Diagnostics Company, Switzerland

Pharmaceutical Company, Boston USA

The most flexible liquid handling robot ever. We could customize Andrew to aliquoting tubes within minutes, and it does it flawlessly and without mistakes.

Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company, Boston USA

Research Institute, Switzerland

We could integrate Andrew in a custom humidity control cabinet within days-impossible with another liquid handler.

Head of Laboratory, Research Institute, Switzerland

Pharmaceutical Company, France

The system is remarkable in terms of precision: The demonstration data is absolutely compelling.

Head of Bioanalytical Unit, Pharmaceutical Company, France

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Andrew is my guy when I want to be reproducible.

Manager, Discovery Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

I fully plan to take Andrew with me everywhere including lunch! :D

Senior Scientist Discovery/Platform Technology & Science, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Molecular biology, Academic Institution, USA

Thanks again for everything this afternoon - It was so helpful to learn even better ways to work with Andrew.

Post-Doc Scientist, Academic Institution, Boston USA

Pharmaceutical Company, UK

I wanted to say a big thank you to you all at Andrew Alliance, for your help and support with the Andrew’s over the last two years. It’s a great product and hopefully it will go from strength to strength within our company.

Senior Investigator Platform technology, Pharmaceutical Company, UK

Research Institute, Israel

I am glad to report that my Andrew is up and running. Thank you all for the exceptionally good service!

Automation Scientist, Research Institution, Israel

Biotech, Boston USA

We would love to bring another Andrew in-house ASAP even if money is very tight right now...

Senior Scientist, Microbiology Biotech, Boston USA

Genomics, Research Institute, USA

We really like the machine and we are getting some great use out of it!

Research Associate, Genomics Research Institution, USA

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, USA

That's a god send for anyone with ergo issues...

Production Manager, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Pharmaceutical Company, Sweden

Really brilliant solution, thumb up! You and your colleagues did really an outstanding job.

Senior Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company, Sweden

Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

(...) Andrew is quite a help for us in the lab and he's frequently in use! It's a pretty cool tool :-)!

PostDoc Fellow, Pharmaceutical Company Innovation Center, Germany

Academic Institute, Boston, USA

I would strongly encourage you to consider Andrew Alliance... they make an impressive liquid handling robot and they have a responsive and highly competent technical team.

Research Scientist, Academic Institution, Boston USA

Biotech Company, Germany

Let me say it simply, you guys made an impressive product!

Head of New Scaffolds, Biotech Company, Germany

Pharmaceutical Company, USA

One pipetting mistake in a production plate costs our company more than $15,000...

Division Director, Pharmaceutical Company, USA