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Market leading orbital shaker technology is seamlessly connected with OneLab, enabling remote set-up and monitoring of a wide range of vibration-free mixing speeds, minimizing error and ensuring maximum repeatability. Tube Shaker+ is composed of a removable ‘rack’ which enables broad compatibility with many consumable tubes.  The rack has an additional datamatrix and label which serves to guide both the user and enable Andrew+ to validate the assembly rack-shaker.

  • Connected to OneLab by Wi-Fi/Ethernet for remote control and tracking
  • Vibration-free motion ensures highest mixing speeds on the market, ranging from 200 to 3000 rpm (Microplate Shaker+) and 200 to 2000 rpm (Tube Shaker+), with an orbit of 2mm
  • Gentle mixing of samples by planar orbital motion
  • Available for both microplates (Microplate Shaker+) and tubes (Tube Shaker+)
  • Designed for use with robots. Microplate Shaker+ benefits from an automatic microplate positioning system which enables precise manipulation of consumables by Andrew+, ensuring accurate and repeatable pipetting
  • There is a 12 position adaptor for tubes designed around Charles River TL700 (12.5ml, 16x90mm) glass tubes.
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Shaker+ technical specifications

Mixing frequency
200 rpm up to 3000 rpm
(The maximum speed may differ according to the type of used labware)

Speed setting resolution
1 rpm

Labware compatible
• 96-well cell culture microplate, Greiner Bio-one (655101)
• 96-well PCR plate, skirted, LoBind, Eppendorf (0030129555)
• MICROLON® 200 96-well U-bottom microplate, Greiner Bio-One (650001)

Maximum operating altitude
2000 m

User interface
Through OneLab software

Dimensions (W x L x H)
170 x 162 x 100 mm
(The specified dimensions are subject to change according to the labware)

External power supply
Input 100-240 VAC, 1.4 A / output 24 VDC, 5 A, 120 W

Overvoltage category DC port
Cat I

Pollution degree of the intended environment
Pollution degree 2

1 year

Mixing orbit constant
2 mm

Mixing regulation accuracy
±25 rpm

Relative humidity
80% at 37°C

Environment temperature operating range
+4 to +37 °C

Protection class

2.55 kg

Power or current rating

Operating voltage
24 VDC

Network connectivity
Gigabit Ethernet / Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Only with a wet tissue or isopropanol


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