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8-channel Andrew Alliance Pipette, 10-300 µL

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Andrew Alliance Bluetooth Electronic 8-channel Pipettes provide accurate and precise pipetting for use with Andrew+ the pipetting robot, Pipette+ guided pipetting system or manual pipetting. Based on the Sartorius Picus Pipette, the ergonomic and lightweight design helps protect users from repetitive strain injuries by ensuring an optimal working posture and comfortable pipetting.  Fully electronic operation reduces variability between users. Bluetooth capability allows two-way communication with pipettes, when used with Andrew+ or Pipette+, and OneLab enabling remote programming of pipettes with the added advantage of pipetting traceability. Additional features of the Andrew Alliance Bluetooth Electronic Pipette, 8-channel, 10-300 μL include:
– Intuitive user interface
– Autoclavable lower parts (except for 1200 μL multi-channel lower parts)
– Optiload for perfect tip sealing
– Optimized pipetting modes for multi-dispensing, multi-aspiration, reverse pipetting, mixing and more
– Safe-cone filters in all models >10 μL to prevent contamination


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