Easily integrates into your lab workflow, increasing productivity, and ensuring traceability, data security and privacy.

Experiment traceability

OneLab traces all steps from protocol design to experiment execution and report generation. It performs the function of an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), that is searchable, as well as enabling communication between multiple users and databases (like LIMS).


Laboratory management

After a protocol is created by a lab member, it is automatically synchronized for use by other members, removing the need for additional version control and documentation. OneLab improves reproducibility by enabling multiple members to seamlessly collaborate, eliminating tedious manual procedures, and overcoming hurdles in communication and training.

Security and data Privacy

OneLab is a connected software environment ensuring security of your lab protocols through secure user identification and access control. For example, lab sample prep activity can be stored in a consistent way, for future analysis and data validation. In addition, OneLab communicates over the network by means of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Standard. In the same way that you access your bank account, this establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Nothing has to be installed on your computer, and we guarantee the latest OneLab updates.


Continuous online assistance

OneLab is connected software environment that connects people too. Andrew Alliance experts are only a click away – at any time during your working day*. Whether you are designing a protocol, using Pipette+ or running an Andrew+ Pipetting Robot, just explain your problem and, in real time, we will guide you to the right solution.

*Only in the Americas and Europe at present.

Flexible deployment

OneLab can be either hosted on the Cloud or internally within your organization.

We provide three different configurations according to your needs:

  • Available to all users at no cost, irrespective of the availability of connected devices
  • Real-time service and support
  • Private server offered.
  • Support by e-mail or phone.
  • Can be either Cloud hosted or installed on site.
  • Possible to connect LIMS or other platforms
  • Benefit from expanded storage and internal backups.
  • Allow connectivity with external services to process your data.

Experiment protocol design

Manual protocol execution guidance

Protocol execution on Andrew Alliance devices

Import / export experiment data

Project collaboration & Lab management

Private server offered

Customization service

Access your own LDAP system for user identity authentification

Real-time online user support

* If you want to automate part or all of your workflow and take advantage of OneLab’s ability to automatically guide connected devices developed by Andrew Alliance and its partners, then an individual Device License will need to be purchased.

The Device License is an alphanumeric code that you can buy – either from a Sales Rep or from our E-store – and entitles you to connect one Device to OneLab for a certain amount of time (typically one year). It requires activation: the activation key is released by Andrew Alliance Support once the customer starts the “pairing” procedure to OneLab – through Intercom, Email or Phone.

For more licensing information and software requirements, please contact us.