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Improving Reproducibility of Large-Scale Experiments by Using a Pipette+ System

CRISPR/ Cas9 has revolutionized how genetic screens are conducted, as the system is remarkably easy to implement into existing workflows while yielding high editing efficiency.  Large-scale screening experiments, e.g. knockout screens are particularly well suited for automation as many repeated workflow steps are required.  The integration of a guided pipetting system such as Pipette+, results in fewer user-related errors, in 20% of the time normally required. Using the Pipette+ system of Andrew Alliance together with the cloud-native OneLab software, experiments can be quickly designed, executed, and fully tracked.
Karsten Krey, a researcher in the group of Prof Andreas Pichlmair, will present this study, supported by technical data.
You will learn how you can benefit from:
  • simpler, fully programmable guided pipetting
  • superior reproducibility
  • freeing up time to focus on higher level tasks
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