Using the Connected Lab to Overcome Your Challenges

– A Live Deminar Series –

Using the Connected Lab to Overcome Your Challenges

- A Live Deminar Series -

Modern laboratories and optimized procedures within those laboratories play a key part in advancing scientific discoveries. Yet, most labs today are faced with many challenges when looking to find efficient ways of achieving their goals – or simply implementing what is required of them in specific contexts. These goals can be diverse, like: 

    • Optimizing lab management while guaranteeing traceable and reproducible results 
    • Finding a trusty repository for lab SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to have robust method development, transfer and scale-up 
    • Meeting GxP requirements for best compliance 
    • Looking to automate procedures to reduce errors and avoid costly re-runs 
    • Simplifying onboarding of new hires due to high turnover of talent 
    • Finding the right hardware and software platforms that are not only adapted for immediate needs but are also flexible enough to also meet future needs 
    • And many more…


You may have come across one (or several!) of these difficulties yourselves – whether you are a lab manager, scientist or technician. While it may seem like overcoming them is too much to handle at your level, there are very concrete solutions that exist today and that are relatively simple to implement. 

This live Deminar series approaches overcoming common lab challenges by providing you with a few keys to success, but with a twist…! We will be receiving YOUR real-life lab challenges and overcoming them LIVE over the course of each episode*!  

*Disclosure: We will be overcoming these challenges through the lens of our intuitive and easy to use OneLab software. This is important for our existing customers (to make the most out of what we have to offer), but also for customers looking to discover solutions that can truly make a difference in their lab. 


How it works: 

This live Deminar series will be kicked off with an introductory episode looking at the benefits of lab connectivity for overcoming lab challenges through the lens of the OneLab software. Then, within the framework of pre-determined episode subjects, we’ll be simultaneously collecting your specific lab challenges via polls, surveys and direct messages. To provide us with your challenges, either attend one (or all!) of the sessions and drop your challenge in the chat (there will also be a poll during each episode) or send your challenge directly to [email protected]. 

As your topics come in, we will be sure to directly address as many of them as we can during each new, 45-minute LIVE session. Throughout this series, expect to see live demonstrations, participate and engage in informal conversations with other participants and, most importantly, get some round-table insight into overcoming your challenges! We’d love for you to join in on the topics (if you’d like!) by engaging in informal conversations with other participants and our guest speaker(s), so don’t forget to come prepared with your questions and challenges so that we can directly address them together! 

Introduction Episode:

What is a ‘Connected Lab’ and what’s in it for me?

Thursday, May 4th 2023 (16:00 CET, 10:00am EST)

Featuring a special guest, this introductory episode is a key part of this series – so don’t miss it! This introduction will set the scene for what role connected software can play in overcoming your lab challenges and how it can do so by covering the following broad topics: 

Guest Speaker: James Vandegrift
Senior Research Associate – Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Episode 1:

Laboratory Automation - “Go”? or “No Go”?

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 (16:00 CET, 10am EST)

This episode is all about lab automation. While automation may seem like a “no brainer” for certain labs, other labs may be on the fence and could use some more concrete evidence to justify it or find alternatives. During this session, we’ll take a deeper dive by exploring some key aspects of lab automation:

Guest Speaker: Meagan Callis
Principle Product Marketing Manager – Waters

Episode 2:

Pipetting and Sample Preparation – the starting point for reliable results

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023. 16:00 CET, 10am EST

You’ve been there, we’ve been there, everybody’s been there: Pipetting is an unavoidable laboratory task that can weigh heavy on your hands, your results and your patience! Pipetting can be easier, more ergonomic and more reliable. This episode will address different approaches to pipetting while providing some keys to success. In this episode we’ll cover:

Guest Speaker: Nikunj Tanna
Principal Scientist, Waters Corporation

Episode 3:

Variable method parameters & sample numbers – key aspects of lab flexibility and efficiency

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023. 16:00 CET, 10am EST

Automation and lab software are generally rigid and require specific expertise to master. If your sample preparation methods keep changing and you need flexibility in automating them while not compromising on high-end software integrations (such as LIMS and others like Empower and MassLynx), there are solutions to get the best of both worlds: easy, intuitive programming and flexibility to achieve automation and software integration.

Guest Speaker: Guillaume Mignard
OneLab Product Manager, Waters Corporation

Episode 4:

Easily implementing Compliance, Traceability & Data Integrity in your lab

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023. 16:00 CET, 10am EST

Each lab is different, and it is usually a struggle and there is no one size fits all solution.  OneLab is all about having an easy to use toolkit that can address most of those requirements in one place with little to no effort required from you. Compliant software features are built right in to every aspect of OneLab, from method design and logs to audit trail tracking and user management. In this episode, we’ll cover how OneLab approaches some of the most sought-after requirements like:

Guest Speaker: Heather Longden
Expert SME in Data Integrity

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