The liquid handling robot that uses conventional laboratory pipettes

Better Pipetting:
Better Data, Better Science

Andrew is a new liquid handler that enhances the reproducibility and efficiency of a laboratory by assisting scientists with fully unattended automated pipetting.

Andrew empowers scientists to get reproducible data – and our software, AndrewLab, offers the most intuitive solution for protocol design. With Andrew, you can quickly and seamlessly transition from painful and time-consuming manual pipetting to error-free and easily programmable robotics.

One system


Andrew has a compact body

Weighing only 10 kg, Andrew has a small footprint, so it can be integrated in your laboratory quickly without adding extra bulk. You can put our liquid handler on your workbench, under a hood, inside a cabinet and even in a refrigerator at 4°C.

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Andrew Alliance Flexible Robot

Andrew has a flexible working deck

Our liquid handling robot can accurately perform a wide range of simple and complex experiments. In addition, we offer more than 160 consumable holders (DOMINOTM), customized specifically for you and adaptable to your every need.

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Free unique protocol design software

AndrewLab offers the most intuitive, drag-and-drop solution for protocol design. You can quickly create your pipetting steps with an easy-to-use interface.

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Discover The Andrew Family
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 Multiple benefits

Is Andrew the right tool for your lab work?

The best approach to increasing productivity is to use the right tool for the job. Like a Swiss Army knife, Andrew can be used for many applications, including molecular biology, immunology, cell biology,microscopy and more.

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