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the liquid handling robot
that uses conventional laboratory pipettes

pipetting robot

Better Pipetting:
Better Data,
Better Science

Andrew is a novel liquid handler that enhances the reproducibility and the efficiency of a laboratory.  Simply, it assists scientists with fully unattended automated pipetting. Explore without prejudices the most obvious solution to get reproducible data – and try our software for free. Then, transition from painful and time-consuming manual pipetting to error-free and easily programmable robotics.

One solution,
many benefits.

Andrew weighs only 10 kg and has a footprint corresponding to
a standard sheet of paper, so it can be integrated in your
laboratory within minutes. You can put our liquid handler on your
workbench, under a hood, inside a cabinet and even in a refrigerator at 4°C.

The flexible working deck, known as DOMINO™, allows our
liquid handling robot to perform small to complex experiments.
You can use up to 10 microplates, 150 microtubes,
or 100 tubes, or any mixture of the different consumables you already
have (including your current tips).

Liquid handling robot

Choose the right liquid handling robot for your application

Different Andrew robots are available to better integrate into your laboratory workflow:
Andrew 1000G uses gilson pipettes from 0.5 to 1000 uL

The most compact liquid handling robot –
Using Gilson pipettes from 0.2 uL to 1000 uL
and universal tips.

Andrew 1000G-XL allows for long tips beyond 70 mm

The liquid handler using Gilson pipettes
from 0.2 uL to 1000 uL,
with extra-heigth for long tips
(beyond 70 mm length)

Andrew 1000R uses Rainin LTS pipettes from 0.1 uL to 1000 uL

The automated pipettor using
Rainin Pipettes with LTS Tips,
to deal with volumes
from 0.1 uL to 1000 uL

Andrew 10KR uses Rainin LTS pipettes from 10 uL to 10 mL

Large volume liquid handling robotics
from 10 uL to 10mL,
using Rainin pipettes and tips.

Andrew 1000P is the only automated solution for positive displacement pipettes

Automated pipetting of viscous and volatile liquids
with the Gilson positive displacement pipettes
From 1 uL to 1000 uL

Keep using
your standard
we adapt
our DOMINOs.

New! Winter 2017 Catalogue
Andrew Domino Catalogue

The working deck of the Andrew liquid
handling robot consists of magnetic tiles
called DOMINO™ blocks that you can
freely organize in seconds. DOMINOs are
designed to host your consumables: from
bottle to tubes, from microplates to microchips,
from vials to rack of tubes. DOMINOS can also
agitate, stir, heat, cool, and can even host a
ready-to-go full kit. And if we don’t have
one domino ready straight away – we will
make it.

Andrew domino catalogue

Keep using your standard consumables: we adapt our DOMINOs.

Dominos Catalogue

The working deck of Andrew consists of magnetic tiles called DOMINO™ blocks that you can assemble in seconds. DOMINOs are designed to host your consumables: from bottle to tubes, from microplates to microchips, from vials to rack of tubes. DOMINOS can also agitate, stir, heat, cool, and can even host a ready-to-go full kit. And if we don’t have one domino ready straight away – we will make it.

Andrew Lab: the free protocol design software

Andrew Lab,
the universal software
for protocol design,
comes for free.

Andrew Lab is a software tool that allows the creation
and documentation of generic pipetting protocols, even without
any liquid handling robot. Try it to believe it,
and join the thousands of users that are already exploiting
our protocol design software, for free.

Free Download

Accessories and integrated solutions

Calibro: unattended and automated pipette calibration


Unattended pipette validation – or GxP compliance assessment of a liquid handling robot – in few clicks. You can launch it going home, and know the outcome the following morning.

View Details
beadTender: a novel method for sample separation using magnetic beads


In-tip processing of magnetic beads: reproducible, contamination-free, consumable and volume independent. With unprecedented efficiency and purity.

Available Now!
The LLD is an accessory for Andrew to allow for liquid level detection

Liquid Level Detection

If you have many input samples with unknown volumes – or you want to reduce the probability of errors – this accessory will improve further your operational efficiency.

Available Now!

The Swiss Army knife

The best approach to increase productivity is to use the right
tool for the job. The average biologist (sometimes even  with
an automated liquid handler)  spends more than 2 hours per
day pipetting, repeating the same sequence up to 500 times,
and involving a force up to 4kg each time. Is this daily
pipetting effort really required for a scientist to
perform correct liquid handling?

What for?


Benefits and advantages of Andrew: from proteomics to molecular biology, from aliquotting to cherry picking, from magnetic beads separation to normalization.

normalization application note

Concentration normalization made simple

Reduce hands-on pipetting time by 16 times (and without mistakes). Copy and paste your concentrations in Andrew Lab, and indicate the final desired concentration of your samples.


Real-time qPCR plate preparation

More accurate data, fewer errors and walk-away operations with routine PCR operations and the Andrew liquid handling robot

A typical SPARCL luminescence profile

Automating a Pharmacokinetic Immunoassay

The Andrew laboratory robot improves the workflow and reduces benchwork labour for the Lumigen / Life Diagnostics SPARCL PK Kit.


What Customers say about Andrew

Biotech Company, Germany

It was hard to find any critical feedback, our technical staff loves to work with Andrew

Head of Research / Biotech, Germany

Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

(...) Andrew is quite a help for us in the lab and he's frequently in use! It's a pretty cool tool :-)!

PostDoc Fellow / Pharmaceutical Company Innovation Center, Germany

Pharmaceutical Company, Sweden

Really brilliant solution, thumb up! You and your colleagues did really an outstanding job.

Senior Scientist / Pharmaceutical Company, Sweden

Academic Institute, Boston USA

I would strongly encourage you to consider Andrew Alliance...they make an impressive liquid handling robot and they have a responsive and highly competent technical team.

Research Scientist / Academic Institution, Boston USA

Biotech Company, Germany

Let me say it simply – you guys made an impressive product!

Head of New Scaffolds / Biotech Company, Germany

Pharmaceutical Company, USA

One pipetting mistake in a production plate costs our company more than $15,000...

Division Director / Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Pharmaceutical manufacturing, USA

That's a god send for anyone with ergo issues...

Production Manager / Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Genomics, Research institute USA

We really like the machine and we are getting some great use out of it!

Research Associate / Genomics institution, USA

Pharmaceutical Company, USA

We ran the samples and everything looked great: staining was excellent and FMO controls had all appropriate channels “blanked” as expected!

Scientist, Translational Molecular Biomarkers / Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Biotech, Boston USA

We would love to bring another Andrew in-house ASAP even if money is very tight right now...

Senior Scientist, Microbiology / Biotech, Boston USA

Research Institute, Israel

I am glad to report that my Andrew is up and running. Thank you all for the exceptionally good service!

Automation scientist / Research Institution, Israel

Pharmaceutical company, UK

I wanted to say a big thank you to you all at Andrew Alliance, for your help and support with the Andrew’s over the last two years. It’s a great product and hopefully it will go from strength to strength within our company.

Senior Investigator, Platform technology / Pharmaceutical Company, UK

Molecular biology, Academic Institution

Thanks again for everything this afternoon - It was so helpful to learn even better ways to work with Andrew.

post-doc scientist / Academic institution, Boston USA

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Company USA

I fully plan to take Andrew with me everywhere including lunch!:D

Senior Scientist Discovery – Platform Technology & Science / Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Company USA

Andrew is my guy when i want to be reproducible

Manager, Discovery Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Company, USA

France, Pharmaceutical Company

The system is remarquable in terms of precision: the demonstration data is absolutely compelling.

Head of bioAnalytical Unit / Pharmaceutical Company, France

Switzerland, Research institute

we could integrate Andrew in a custom humidity control cabinet within days: impossible with another liquid handler.

Head of Laboratory / Research Institute

Boston, Pharmaceutical Company

The most flexible liquid handling robot ever. We could customize Andrew to aliquotting tubes within minutes, and it does it flawlessly and without mistakes

Scientist / Pharmaceutical Company, Boston USA

Genomics, Switzerland

We aliquot expensive custom primers with a precise volumetric map for our NGS libraries, and Andrew does the same job of our liquid handling robot (but it costs 10X less)

Laboratory Director / Molecular diagnostics company, Switzerland

Academic institution, France

We use Andrew for training students towards automation. If students have to learn pipetting, today they also need to know how to use a liquid handling robot

Professor / Academic Institution, France

Made in Switzerland, best of USA

Andrew Alliance S.A. is an independent privately financed company, based in Geneva (Switzerland), Boston (USA), Paris (France)
with operations in San Francisco, San Diego, New Jersey. The company was created in March 2011
with the precise objective of improving liquid handling in laboratories.

Start from Customer input,
End at Customer feedback.

Andrew Alliance delivers solutions by focusing first onto customer needs. Then, we exploit multiple technologies in the conception of targeted products. We manufacture them at the world-renown Swiss quality  standards, and we finally complete our task by listening to the customer feedback.

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