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the pipetting robot

The liquid handling robot that ensures reproducible
and fully traceable experiments by automation of complete laboratory workflows – using your conventional pipettes and labware.

Andrew Pipetting and Liquid Handling Robot


the connected lab

A unique and free software solution to allow any scientist to design and execute laboratory protocols effectively.


easy manual pipetting

Smart electronic pipettes that are controlled from your browser while you execute your experiments:
improved productivity and reproducibility with less workload.

Connected pipette

Discover our range of automated connected devices


Automated beads separation


Mixing & temp control


Hands-free SPE

Partners – they trust us

We work with the best to bring liquid handling solutions and software to the lab

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This live Deminar series approaches overcoming common lab challenges by providing you with a few keys to success, but with a twist…! We will be receiving YOUR real-life lab challenges and overcoming them LIVE over the course of each episode*!

Waters Press Release

Waters Automates Solid Phase Extraction of Biological, Food and Environmental Samples with Andrew+ Pipetting Robot

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March 11, 2024

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