An Automated Pharmacokinetic Immunoassay

A homogeneous luminescent immunoassay detection technology that generates light as the result of the interaction of HRP and acridan in the presence of hydrogen peroxide was evaluated in the validation of a pharmacokinetic (PK) assay for human IgG drug in rat serum. A commercially available SPARCL kit was purchased and an automated robotic pipetting station was used for robotic pipetting station provided the liquid handling in the execution of the SPARCL commercial kit and was investigated for labor hours required, and assay performance including; dynamic range, minimum required dilution, precision, accuracy and total error.

Concentration normalization

For the tedious and error-prone concentration normalization task, the user-friendly software Andrew Lab and the compact Andrew robot provide time and cost saving solutions. Hands-on time is reduced by 16 times while liquid transfer reproducibility is improved by 1.5 times with respect to an experienced human operator.