Waters Corporation and Biosero Partner to Provide Fully Automated Sample Preparation Workflows

Waters Corporation and Biosero® have partnered to bring together the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot™ with Green Button Go® software, enabling scientists to fully automate their sample preparation workflows.

As scientific innovation continues to rapidly advance, enabling scientists with equally innovative tools is a must. Traditional laboratory operations can be limited by unconnected devices and software platforms, requiring technicians to manually prepare samples, enter data, transfer samples, and trigger analytical runs. These manual touchpoints limit lab productivity, restrict traceability, and introduce opportunities for human error.

Through this collaboration, scientists will now be able to use the Waters Andrew+ Pipetting Robot to fully automate routine sample preparation protocols, from simple to complex. Powered by Green Button Go scheduling software from Biosero, the automated workflow can incorporate a variety of robotic arms, laboratory workstations, mobile robots, and other tools to move samples from start to finish for important analytical analyses.

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About Biosero

Biosero, a member of the BICO group, develops science-centric software and laboratory automation solutions that enable researchers to orchestrate their discoveries at every stage. Biosero’s Green Button Go® Scheduler software and integration services match laboratory automation to science, creating a cohesive technology ecosystem that accelerates operations and increases productivity. Additionally, Green Button Go Orchestrator applications provide an end-to-end laboratory management solution, directing workflows and operations in life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic research. Biosero is passionate about partnering with organizations dedicated to enhancing life by addressing the world’s most significant needs. For more information, please visit www.biosero.com.


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