Automate Manual Pipetting: Better Data by Saving Time, Mistakes and Pain.

The New Liquid Handling Solution Recognized “Product of the Year” at SLAS 2013 and MIPTEC 2013.

Andrew, the first pipetting robot pipetting with manual pipettes

A pipette is the most common tool for biologists. After 50 years of development and daily use by hundreds of thousands of users, pipettes are the de-facto liquid handling standard, with performances strictly regulated by the international norm ISO8655. Their flexibility and performances have no equal.

However, the continuously increasing complexity of liquid handling, and the resulting fatigue due to repetitive manual actions, put a strain on the accurate execution of protocols. The results are unavoidably affected. Experiments are getting very long, and long pipetting activity can induce severe musculoskeletal disorders - especially for those lab users exceeding two hours per day at the bench. Experiments need repetition not only because the underlying biology is often difficult to reproduce, but because every user has different training and habits, or simply because it is hard to repeat a complex and critical liquid handling process without flaws. So, a better and more efficient solution is required, but without reinventing the wheel.

Andrew, the first pipetting robot pipetting with manual pipettes

Andrew is a new liquid handling robot that operates, totally unattended, manual pipettes in the same way as would the best user would do. It improves the reproducibility of data, saves precious time in liquid handling and avoids possible health issues. With a weight of 10 kg and a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper it is the first portable liquid handling robot in the world, too. And the easiest to integrate in a laboratory: on an existing bench, under a hood, in a laminar flow box or even inside a refrigerator. Andrew automates any biology protocol designed with Andrew Assistant, the free protocol design software that’s also useful for manual pipetting. This software allows any biologist to define a liquid handling protocol in a breeze, automatically calculating all the concentrations at any protocol step, the required amount of a reagent, and allowing serial dilutions in few clicks by defining concentrations. Andrew is the new pipetting system from Switzerland that improves experiments’ quality and lab efficiency - without  any change to your process and consumables.

andrew, the pipetting robot using manual pipettes

Save time, mistakes and pain by avoiding manual pipetting


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