Sample Preparation for Real-Time Quantitative PCR

The pipetting robot Andrew prepares quantitative PCR assays with excellent precision and accuracy. Andrew significantly improves the data quality, operates contamination-free and reduces hands-on preparation. work at the bench from 25 minutes to 2 minutes

Concentration normalization

For the tedious and error-prone concentration normalization task, the user-friendly software Andrew Lab and the compact Andrew robot provide time and cost saving solutions. Hands-on time is reduced by 16 times while liquid transfer reproducibility is improved by 1.5 times with respect to an experienced human operator.

Simple and Efficient Aliquotting

Andrew is the most versatile and economically effective robotic platform to automate the most ordinary lab activity – aliquotting. Besides reducing hands-on time for repetitive aliquotting procedures by one order of magnitude, the Andrew robot and the user-friendly software Andrew Lab efficiently accommodate any aliquotting strategy with your existing consumables, all this while assuring perfect traceability and avoiding mistakes.