Cell Biology2020-01-31T10:44:33+01:00

As the basic living units, cells carry extremely important functions and require special care.

Studying cell biology means understanding morphology, structure, internal chemical reactions and signal pathways.

Andrew is available for assisting your research on all types of cells, particularly manipulating delicate cell lines. For example, in order to assure cells survival rate, Dominos allows Andrew to work at 37 °C. You can control the Andrew robot’s pipetting speed to avoid cell damage or control the pipetting height in consumables whether you need supernatant or pellet.

Andrew’s large 10KR volume pipetting robot  can transfer cell cultures up to 10mL in one pipetting step. At the same time, we supply many Dominos that adapt flawlessly to cell biology consumables, such as petri dish, 6-well plates, 24-well plates, and more.

Simple and Efficient Aliquotting

The aliquotting scenarios The term “aliquot” has different meanings in different fields: in biology and chemistry, it refers to a smaller fraction of a whole sample. In most cases, only these fractions are needed for an experiment, hence aliquotting must [...]

Concentration normalization

Concentration quantification and normalization are essential at the start of many genetic, genomic, and proteomic applications, such as NGS library preparation, qPCR, q-RT-PCR, QC of protein and antibody production, genotyping, sequencing, clinical diagnostics, forensics, etc. Manual pipetting during normalization requires [...]

Reproducible Serial Dilutions

Serial dilutions enable to produce samples with known concentration Changing the concentration of samples, reagents and buffers is a daily reality in science. When the needed reduction in concentration is large, it is much more accurate to make several smaller [...]