Protein is the direct executor of life activities, involved in almost all life processes.

Revealing the specific functional mechanisms of proteins in organisms is the core content of protein research, and it is also one of the most challenging fields in life science.

So far, many tools and methods have been developed for protein research, but how do you prepare high-quality samples?

The 1000G or 1000R Andrew robots are your solution. They can work in cold conditions, at 4°C or by cooled DOMINOs to ensure protein activity. In order to guarantee the purity of the sample, they can also use purification tips: IMCSTips™.

Andrew can also be placed in a biosafety cabinet when processing protein samples with toxic chemicals. When you need to analyze protein samples with the LC/MS system, Andrew 1000P can deal effectively with low volatility solvents and high viscosity liquids used in LC/MS sample preparation.

Just describe your pipetting actions by drag and drop on the screen and Andrew will bring you results.

Reproducible Serial Dilutions

Performing serial dilutions of drugs, nucleic acids or cells? From simple Bradford assays to complex toxicity dose testing, Andrew increases reproducibility and accuracy up to 10 times while freeing scientists from calculation mistakes.

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Simple and Efficient Aliquotting

Easily automate aliquotting tasks with your own standard consumables while reducing your hands-on time by 10 times. With Andrew on your bench, aliquotting for biobanking, reagent stocking or sample preparation for diagnostic purposes has never been so flexible and affordable.

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Concentration Normalization

The Andrew robot and the unique normalization wizard of our free software, Andrew Lab, help you achieve fast protocol design and completely error-free sample normalization in a variety of applications, ranging from NGS library preparation to QC of antibody production.

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An Automated Colormetric Microplate Protein Assay

Learn how Reform Biologics in Cambridge Massachusetts is using the Andrew robot to automate their Bradford assays with absolute ease and a high level of reproducibility better than which can be delivered by hand.

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Automated Preparation of Labeled N-Glycans With a Vision Guided Pipetting Robot for High Sensitivity LC-MS Analysis

The Andrew Alliance Automated Pipetting Robot can successfully and reproducibly perform the GlycoWorks with RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan rapid labeling procedure. Automating the protocol frees up analyst time allowing them to do two jobs at once.

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An Automated Pharmacokinetic Immunoassay

The combination of the Andrew robot with the Life Diagnostics SPARCL PK Kit may be a way for CRO's to improve efficiencies, reduce PK assay development time and cost, reduce labor and increase profitability.

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