In the era of genetic engineering development, automation plays a crucial role in complex workflows.

The Andrew automation system provides a complete solution to meet your needs, especially for some processes that require flexibility and accuracy.
For example, The 1000R and 1000G Andrew robots can manage volumes ranging from 0.2µL to 1mL. Andrew Domino- allows you to perform pipetting on your own consumables. It can support many types of PCR tubes and PCR microplates, including different cooling solutions to maintain your PCR samples at 4°C. We also have Dominos for special microfluidic chips, like the Unchained labs Lunatic/Trinean chips or the Agilent DNA/RNA Labchips.

With the help of AndrewLab, your automated liquid handling process will be easier and faster. Just drag and drop on the screen and Andrew will accurately execute your protocol such as serial dilution, multivolume dispensing, concentration normalization, PCR sample preparation, etc.
Andrew also designed a special accessory for DNA/RNA purification: BeadTender™, an in-tip DNA/RNA purification technology using magnetic beads that can be significantly more reproducible than most methods and dramatically reduce the risk of contamination.

With Andrew, you can free your hands and avoid repetitive manual tasks.

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