Andrew robots assist scientists to enhance the reproducibility of results, while saving time at the bench.

Drug discovery can be enabled by an Andrew robot in different working conditions. Whether you need to perform your experiments in sterile hoods, cold room, or UV cabinets, you can easily bring Andrew into your development environment. Andrew can also handle a large variety of liquid properties, from 0.2µL to 10mL, volatile or viscous, to fit optimally your applications. No matter which type of consumables you use, Andrew Dominos will adapt to them and let the robot execute the pipetting work.

Andrew has a unique accessory, CaliBro™, for pipette performances verification. In addition, it can also verify the GxP compliance of your liquid handling robot – including IQ/OQ/PQ methods required in drug discovery. All pipettes need to be sent to a professional calibration agency on a regular basis, but opportunities still exist for physical errors in the pipette. Sometimes it may be too late to identify the problem; other times, your pipettes don’t have any problem at all. Instead of losing time and money on producing useless and misleading results, CaliBro™ can routinely check your system and pipettes, finally guaranteeing the accuracy of pipetting work.

Andrew effectively assists your drug discovery work – give it a try.

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